Weekly Haul

Weekly Haul #1

Hello lovelies and welcome to my blog & my first post on here!

I’ve had a blog before but didn’t get on with it and fell out of love with it but I decided to start fresh & take things slow and don’t put too much pressure in myself.

No one can do wrong with a bit of shopping can they? I thought what a better way to kick off my blog then a weekly haul post & sharing things I have bought over these past couple of weeks. Who doesn’t love a haul, I know I do(i like to be noesy to see what other people get)..

First off is my Superdrug order

I recently bought the moisturising body wash & lip oil from the new Zoella beauty range Splash Botanics, I just loved the smell straight & I knew that I had to get rest off the range and I’m so glad I did everything smells amazing the body sorbet makes your arms so soft and you’re guarantee to smell gorgeous this summer with the body mist & the bag you get is such a decent size, great for putting your make up in or you skin care products or anything you wanna put in it.. This is probably my favourite range Zoe has done!

Then I got a hair dye to my hair with and can’t wait to see how it turns out(I’ve might have done it by when you’re reading this so check out my Instagram to see OnceUponADreamxo) and I also got the naturally radiant glycolic tonic, I have some other things from this range and love them my skin have never felt better so I thought I would give this a go, anyone tried the Naturally Radiant range from Superdrug would love to hear your thoughts. I also got a dry shampoo free with the order never actually use them before, I also got some razors.

Next up is asda

Most of my order was pyjamas😂 don’t think I can do an order or go shopping with out buying pyjamas or a soft throw. First up I got some Aladdin pyjamas and some Mickey & Minnie top.

Next I got some watermelon long pj bottom which I love the colour, then I got some cut offs pj bottom, some bunny slippers which are so cute and then some shorts which be great in this warm weather we are having I probably wear these just in the house or as pj shorts.

Then I’ve had this bag on my wishlist for a couple off weeks now and I didn’t thing I would get it because my local primark is normally crap but my mum went into town the other and nip into primark just to see if it was in and it was… Soo happy and love the colour off it my next challenge is to find the matching purse/card holder.

That is it for my weekly haul

Hope you all enjoyed reading it!

I will see you next time with another post.


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